Healthy drinks training:
basics to advanced


N35,000 (N70,000)


In this course, participants will delve into the world of nutritious beverages, from foundational concepts to advanced techniques. The course covers a spectrum of topics, including mastering smoothies, exploring herbal and healing drinks and speciality beverages.

Completing this course will help you:

Who is the course for?

This course is perfect for health enthusisasts, culinary professionals, and anyone eager to elevate their beverage game with delicious, nourishing creations.


N35,000 (N70,000)

Learning Path

Lesson 1.1: Overview of the Course

Lesson 1.2: Benefits of Healthy Drinks on Wellness and Nutrition

Lesson 1.3: Essential Equipment and Ingredients for Healthy Drink Preparation

Lesson 2.1: Basics of Building a Balanced Smoothie

Lesson 2.2: Green Smoothies

Lesson 2.3: Protein-Packed Smoothies

Lesson 2.4: Smoothie Bowls

Lesson 3.1: Fundamentals of Juicing

Lesson 3.2: Fruit Juices

Lesson 3.3: Vegetable Juices

Lesson 3.4: Combination Juices and Flavor Balancing

Lesson 4.1: Introduction to Fermentation

Lesson 4.2: Making Kombucha

Lesson 4.3: Brewing Natural Beers

Lesson 4.4: Crafting Homemade Ciders

Lesson 5.1: Brewing Herbal Teas and Their Benefits

Lesson 5.2: Ayurvedic Drinks for Health

Lesson 5.3: Detox Waters and Infusions

Lesson 6.1: Principles of Healthy Mocktails

Lesson 6.2: Crafting Natural Energy Drinks

Lesson 6.3: Superfood Lattes and Hot Drinks

Lesson 7.1: Making Nut Milks at Home

Lesson 7.2: Protein Shakes for Fitness and Health

Lesson 7.3: Seasonal and Occasional Drink Recipes

Lesson 8.1: Designing Your Own Drink Recipes

Lesson 8.2: Tips for Presentation and Serving

Lesson 8.3: Keeping Drinks Nutrient-Rich: Do’s and Don’ts

Lesson 9.1: Review of Key Concepts and Techniques

Lesson 9.2: How to Continue Learning and Experimenting

Lesson 9.3: Final Project: Create a Signature Healthy Drink

Meet Your Mentor

I’m Chef Loola, your guide on this transformative culinary journey.

With over five years of dedicated experience as a US certified health-supportive chef, I specialize in empowering individuals facing health challenges and those aspiring for a healthier lifestyle.

I am a proud alumni of The Institute of Culinary Education in New York, I graduated with the highest honors, immersing myself in the world’s finest cooking techniques. 

My culinary footprint extends far beyond Nigeria. From Ghana to the UK, Canada, and Australia, I’ve connected with a diverse audience, sharing my passion for health-supportive cooking.